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About Me

This page is full of fun informative information in Q + A format to give you more of a feel of my personality and “vibe”. I really struggle with sterile “about me” pages and I want anyone who visits my page to have a good idea of who I really am, how I really speak and of course help you decide about investing in our time together. This page is designed to help put you at ease before meeting me, it can help give you gift or conversation ideas and just a general idea of what I like and dislike in my partners.
I’m sure we’ll be a great match, can’t wait to hear from you,
Isabelle x

What qualities do I love?
I love a positive, funny, emotionally intelligent person. Someone who is respectful, generous, and considerate.
I love being approached by sensitive and romantic types but in saying all this if you’d like to get a little handsy with me after we get to know each other I’d really like that too.
Cleanliness is really like godliness, so I love someone who is fresh, smelling good and well put together.

What qualities do I dislike?
There aren’t many things but someone that is rude, boundary pushing and disrespectful is extremely off putting and such a turn off.

What is my ideal date?
Somewhere intimate where we can have a deep conversation, getting to know each other in private while enjoying delicious food and drink!

What do I like to do?
Generally I like to do low energy activities or nothing at all like playing World of Warcraft or napping – although, occasionally you’ll definitely catch me wanting to go on a hike and swim in a waterfall!
I’m super into reading about astrology and I’m learning online at an astrology school!

I like board games and building LEGO

Favourite things
The colour pink, gold jewellery, sweet smelling perfumes, video games, warm blankets, clean sheets, trees, Lindor chocolate, salmon, cheese, PINEAPPLES, hot chocolate, babysbreath

Extra info about me
You may have noticed if you’ve been following me for a long time but if not, I’ve had two weight loss surgeries and have and will continue to lose weight. This is something I’d like to be transparent about with my clients because it affects my ability to eat and drink on dates and massively contributes to the appearance of my skin! While this isn’t something I’m particularly self conscious about it’s still a question that comes up occasionally, so here is your answer.  x
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